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The Indomitable Apple in Historic Relief

Apples are a symbol of purity and good health. With this symbolism in mind, students have given teachers an apple to show appreciation. Some slogans we are all familiar with are: An apple a day keeps the doctor away, a child is the apple of his parents eye, and we all want a slice of […]

The Benefits of Mushrooms

The benefits of mushrooms are the main reason I like using them for cooking. Remember that mushrooms aren’t vegetables, fruits, and herbs. Mushrooms are part of the fungi kingdom. You have to be extremely careful with mushrooms. Safe place to get your mushrooms will be from the store. Do not pick wild mushrooms unless you […]

Papaya and its uses

The Papaw, It’s been called the poor man’s banana. It is a fruit that vaguely resembles a pear in shape, although it is larger than a pear. It is a yellow/green color. It is edible and has been recommended for its medicinal value. It grows in the Southern and Central parts of the US, including […]

Pumpkin Seeds Cheap Healthy Snacking

Pumpkin seeds are good for you and provide a lot of health benefits. It is shame that they are such an underrated snack. Many people don’t even think about pumpkin seeds except for on Halloween when they are cleaning out their pumpkins. After you learn about the health benefits of this inexpensive and great tasting […]

Porkolt Hungarian Homemade Beef Stew with Dumplings

This delicious stew has thick gravy and it is the base of the famous gulyas-soup. You will need: 1 good wooden spoon 1 large cooking pan 1 large onion 2 tablespoons of olive oil /sun flower oil / lard 50 g salty bacon 1 teaspoon of Hungarian sweet/hot paprika powder (depends on your style) 2 […]

Overview of Oolong Tea Varieties

Oolong tea is an extremely popular variety of traditional Chinese tea. Although the oxidation level is somewhere between black and green tea, most varieties taste more like green tea than black—however, oolong lacks the grassy taste that is often characteristic of green teas, instead usually being brewed strong and bitter with a sweet aftertaste. Oolong […]

Most Important Basic Table Manners

From a family of restaurant owners, my parents always instilled in us the importance of having excellent table manners. Not just because we owned restaurants and were in the public eye, but because table manners is an important value to instill in all family members. The 10 most important basic table manners that people can […]

How to Shuck Shellfish

Back in the good old days in the 1800’s, shellfish shucking was a very challenging and tedious task. Men back then, responsible for shucking oysters, clams and scallops had to rely on their quick handling skills in order to earn their decent living. It was not unusual therefore, to find several piled up shells in […]

How to Choose a Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir is described as the most popular red wine and the oldest grape variety used in wine; although it is a difficult grape to grow and deal with in the winery. Pinot Noir is a lighter colored and flavored red wine. The name Pinot Noir is derived from the French words for “pine” and […]

Product Reviews Aquamira Water Bottle with Filter

The folks at Aquamira are fond of saying that “the goal of technology is to preserve life.” This mission statement may be more applicable to their emergency tools and military products than water bottles, but their philosophy is rooted in the fact that they believe people should be able to safely drink water anywhere. And […]