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Blue waffles

“A ‘waffle’ is a slang term for a vagina. A ‘blue waffle‘ is a slang term for a vaginal infection that is intense. It is essentially a slang term for a serious or exceptionally ugly vaginal infection/STD in the vagina. The infection may cause lesions in the exterior of the vagina, along with bruising, which […]

Can Believing in God Kill Your Sex Life?

Judging by the sheer number of children being popped out by deeply religious couples – “19 Kids and Counting,” anyone? – I would have assumed that many believers have pretty rocking sex lives. But according to a recent study reported by Tracy Clark-Flory over at (“Do atheists have better sex?”), non-believers are having more […]

American Stroke Association

When you think about heart disease, do you associate stroke with it? When I worked with the American Heart Association some years ago, we called strokes “brain attacks.” That’s essentially what a stroke is, a type of cardiovascular disease that affects the arteries leading to and within the brain. Strokes account for 163,000 deaths per year. […]

Heart Center Online for Patients

I’m always on the hunt for quality heart disease-realted websites. You know I think highly of the American Heart Association site, but I think I found another one, Heart Center Online for Patients. It’s part of a network of sites called HealthCentersOnline, which provides healthcare information on the Internet for patients and their families. According […]

Break-up Sex

You’ve come to the conclusion that you and the person you’ve been dating aren’t soul mates. Or, worse yet, you’ve reached an impasse with you’re long-term significant other. You’re breaking up, but after The Talk, things turn physical. It’s called break-up sex and it’s starting to gain as much recognition as the infamous make-up sex. […]

How Old Is Old? Only 29 if You’re a Woman

Remember when 29 seemed like an absolutely ancient age? Yeah, me neither. But according to recent polls, 29 is the actual age you start to feel properly old. If you’re a woman, anyway. Men, on the other hand, don’t start to feel old until they’re way into middle age — 58 to be precise. But […]