Pumpkin Seeds Cheap Healthy Snacking

Pumpkin seeds are good for you and provide a lot of health benefits. It is shame that they are such an underrated snack. Many people don’t even think about pumpkin seeds except for on Halloween when they are cleaning out their pumpkins. After you learn about the health benefits of this inexpensive and great tasting snack, you just might make pumpkin seeds a regular part of your diet.

Pumpkin seeds are low in calories and high in minerals, protein and good fats. Good fats are the kind that your body needs to make your skin and hair healthy. Pumpkin seeds have been shown to lower cholesterol, have anti-inflammatory effects for arthritis, benefit prostate health and reduce the chances of prostate cancer and protect mens bones from osteoporosis. Pumpkin seeds have high amounts of vitamin k which helps to improve blood vessel circulation. In addition, pumpkin seeds help rid the body of intestinal parasites.

Pumpkin seeds taste great, are inexpensive and versatile. They can be added to cereals, vegetables and salads. They are great to add to baked products such as oatmeal cookies or breads.

You can buy pumpkin seeds already prepared or make your own. You can buy them raw or roasted. Like many foods, raw is the most nutritious, They taste good raw, but roasted does produce a wonderful flavor. On Halloween instead of throwing those seeds away, you might what to roast them for a healthy and tasty snack. Rinse off the seeds. Lay them out in a single layer on newspaper to dry overnight. Lightly salt them if desired and roast them on a baking sheet at 160 degrees for 15 to 20 minutes or until lightly browned. You want to be sure to cook them at a low temperature so that you don’t destroy the good fats that can degrade in high temperatures.

With all the health benefits, versatility and great taste, pumpkin seeds should be a staple in every persons kitchen.

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